So, Castle Combe – a nice fast circuit! Very well organised and marshalled day. The MX400 garnered a lot of attention, which is always appreciated. Despite a poor forecast, even the weather proved to be fair all day.

The car was well suited to Castle Combe, punching toward the limiter in 5th on the approach to Quarry. The longer diff was an appreciated upgrade. Castle Combe is about balls as much as anything, and the MX400 is forgiving enough to try some fairly high entry speeds. As an added bonus the marshals didn’t seem phased by a bit of drifty fun (even when I brought in enough turf to relay the garden at home… Ahem…)


Quick pad change after sighting laps and the first session. New pads gone by 4pm, time to pack up. Not sure what the solution is, but it seems excessive to be changing pads each trackday. The discs are also getting pretty well chewed up. Potentially a victim of the pad choice as much as anything. That said, it stops very well and Castle Combe is hard on brakes in places. Maybe I’m just too abusive? (Olly – I think it’s the 45 minute, and beyond, enduro sessions you do)
The tyres held up far better.  Holding up well despite being repeatedly on, and  over, their limits. I wonder what it’d be like on slicks…?

Fuel consumption is also impressive… It’s very thirsty on a fast, dry circuit. Two jerry cans and a tank full of fuel is not nearly enough for a full day of fun. More fuel storage required……