It arrives!

So, today is the day it arrives. Or at least the day the bits arrive. Think of it as the conception, rather than the birth. In much the same way, today is enjoyable in it’s own way, but I suspect the real fun starts after the gestation period when it comes out of the garage in one piece.


Caterham chappy was very friendly and helpful. When I asked him if he had one, the response was a good humoured “Sod that, I’m sick of the sight of them!”


The chassis is pretty much built when it arrives. No need to get the rivet gun out. All plumbed and loomed, ready to be plugged together.


Aside from the big bits (chassis, engine, wheels, seats, cage) everything else comes in boxes, and a surprisingly small number of them at that. How hard can it be….?!


Silverstone visit

Popped up to Silverstone to get one last look at the Academy racing before mine arrives. There were surprisingly few spectators, nevertheless the racing didn’t disappoint.

We saw several classes – The Academy, RoadSport, SuperSport and Superlights. Without exception the racing was incredibly close between the packs of cars on the circuit – regularly changing places lap after lap.

This weekend really whet my appetite, and for the first time I’m genuinely excited about it. Sounds like a weird thing to say, but since putting the deposit down nearly a year ago, it’s all seemed a long way off. With the car arriving in two weeks (so I’m told!) Silverstone was the perfect aperitif.

Redbull Sea to Sky 2015, Kemer, Turkey

So, this was a bit of a variation for us. Plus Four Engineering went to Turkey to provide support to Dale Becker who was competing in the 2015 Redbull Sea to Sky enduro-biking event.

2015-10-01 10.10.41

Dale suffered a pretty traumatic accident in the run up to the event, and we weren’t sure whether we’d be there at all. However, despite 13 broken ribs and a punctured lung, Dale bit down with South African grit and got on with recovery and was ready to ride when the time came.

Essentially this is 3 days of progressively increasing mayhem, with a beach race on the first day, a race through the forest on the second day, and finally a race up the mountain.

2015-10-01 18.11.20  2015-10-02 09.44.16  2015-10-02 13.58.37

2015-10-03 10.56.16-1  2015-10-03 13.34.30  2015-10-04 13.46.03