Built it!

Between the hours of around 11am on Friday the 13th and 2am on Monday the 16th of November, the Plus Four Engineering Caterham Seven was brought, kicking and screaming, into this world. The labour pains were pretty intense for all involved.


Having been warned that the build manual left a few points to the imagination, it was still a surprise just how many ambiguities the pages contained and the level of lateral thinking involved.


Even with a few capable and experienced hands on deck, it was still a major challenge.


That said, they probably wouldn’t be trying to do it all in one weekend. I suspect that the guys at Caterham (who have been excellent in terms of support and corrective action – including shipping the correct engine mount overnight and and making the missing radius arm available for collection) receive a significant number of calls as would be builders wade through the pages.


But – this was a weekend, so there was no such luxury as “phone a friend”. That said, having filmed each of the 32 hours from start to finish, including the joy of hearing the engine for the first time at 24 hours in, I think we definitely pulled one out of the bag by turning it around from Friday to Sunday.


There’s a week of evening snagging to close out a few items that had to be pushed to the backlog, but it should be IVA’d and on the road before Christmas.

Watch this space for the timelapse footage, including despair, joy, hissy fits, and collaboration at it’s best.