Caterham Build Weekend – All The Gory Detail!

So, here it is. Finally pulled a finger out and put the final edit together, including my whining every 60 minutes.

The challengeĀ had been to get it built in 24hrs, a target that was missed by 8 hours! In our defence there were a few “creative” entries in the build manual, as well as an engine mount that was simply not right (see below). Also, having a diff dropped on you from 5 feet does quite a bit to dent your enthusiasm! šŸ˜€

2015-11-19 09.41.03
Spot the difference!


Plus4E venture into Porsche tooling!

Plus4E are pleased to be able to add Porsche tooling to our repertoire of products. First up are 24mm and 27mm spannersĀ based on the original 9244 spanner. The design of the spanner allows accurate adjustment of the balance belt idler pulley and the tensioner pulley on all the 944/968 range of engines.

Currently listing on ebay, and will be in our own Plus4E store very soon.

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