Curborough Sprint


SR_J1934The second, and last, sprint. After reflecting on Aintree for a month, I went in with a different approach. We were only afforded a single practice run and two timed runs. With two hours in between each run, I put my previous experience to work.

I used my practice run as just that, drove it at seven tenths, looking for all the apexes and made sure it was all on film. Equipped with laptop and 230V inverter, I spent the next two hours revisiting the footage, to etch it into my brain.

SR_J1932When I went for my first timed run, it was more familiar, and I was pleased to put in a 68.86, which left me sitting fourth.  My second run wasn’t so good however, and knowing that I’d fluffed it, I show-boated for the crowd and called it a day. It was frustrating to watch a couple of faster times come through, and see myself slip down to sixth, but I came away a lot happier, knowing that I’d done everything I could, and that the “system” had worked SR_J1923for me.

For a very brief moment, I thought “I could get into sprinting…..” But with wheel to wheel racing just 4 weeks away, it didn’t last long.

Enjoy the footage 🙂

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