Plus4E Roadsport Championship season opener – Snetterton

OK, a couple of races at Snetterton to kick off the Caterham Roadsport championship. This weekend was only the 4th time on track with the car in Roadsport spec.

Having had excellent tuition with the fantastic Adriano Medeiros ​ on the Tuesday, my times were in the 2:18s, somewhat off the pace for a Roadsport, so I was pleased to see these come down in Friday testing, and ultimately my fastest lap was my quali lap on the Saturday with a 2:15, so you can’t ask for much more really.

After coming out of the Academy as 5th fastest in my group, to find myself sitting P11 on the grid at Snetterton was about right, now that the two groups were merged. The 10 ahead of me certainly deserved to be there, and there were a few further down that probably should have been further up as well.

I got a poor start in both races, but in race 1 scrapped my way back up into respectable numbers, before struggling with the tyres. Over driving out of frustration didn’t help, and I dropped back. Still, started 11th, finished 10th. Can’t be too unhappy.

The second race was a different affair. A similarly poor start, followed by a processional first half, ultimately picking u p some debris which punctured my radiator. Unaware of the leaking coolant, I found my tyres losing grip again, but this time it was so bad I thought I must have a puncture. Hanging on to the circuit was a mission, and I was pleased to just finish, including a last minute lung under the bridge to salvage 20th on the last lap.

Video footage below, for those of you with 40 mins to spare…. 🙂